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Cyprus - the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts a large number of travelers. Cyprus is the only EU state that is among the top twenty most visited countries in the world per 1,000 people of its own population: there are three thousand tourists for every thousand inhabitants of Cyprus. It is also in first place among the EU countries in terms of the percentage of permanently residing foreigners relative to the citizens of the republic - about 18% of those permanently residing in Cyprus are not its citizens.

What is it that attracts people to the island so much? We need to start with the climate. In Cyprus, the season begins earlier than all the countries of the Mediterranean and ends later than all. The summer on the island lasts from April to November, and a mild winter, rather reminiscent of our usual spring, from December to March. In the last four months, the revival of wildlife yearning for moisture begins. With the advent of rare rains even at this time of the year, plants begin to wake up: fruit trees bloom, fields turn green. Winter against summer is also not without advantages - and perhaps their number outweighs the number of seasonal ones: these four months are the most beautiful time on the island. Any person who comes to the island in winter feels peace and tranquility: it is in winter that unhurried walks in the mountains are available, which are almost impossible in summer, excursions without the need to run from shade to shade, as well as low prices for accommodation.

Is it possible to solve the issues of attracting tourists with one climate? Only partly. In addition to this criterion, there must also be an appropriate infrastructure - from roads to shops, the presence of attractions, ecology. If we talk about the uniqueness of the island, and the guidebooks of a good half of all countries of the world scream about it, then it stands out because there are opportunities for recreation for any tourist - whether they are lovers of antiquities, shopping, good food or walking through shady forests, athletes or lovers of lying down on the beaches.

It is on a large number of opportunities for a varied holiday that Cyprus bases its attractiveness. The island, which is in the top of the European rating of quality and accessibility of roads, makes it possible to travel comfortably to any point in it.

Cyprus does not try to impress your imagination with maximalism: there are no world-famous amusement parks or the highest mountains, you will not find white sand, it will not be able to amaze you with its luxury. Everything in the country is quite modest and simple, but at the same time, Cyprus has everything you might need for true relaxation: beautiful blue flag beaches, small but very interesting water parks, wonderful historical museums, two mountain ranges, each with a unique nature, one of the most delicious cuisines in the world and excellent wines, world famous noisy youth clubs and calm resorts for noble gentlemen, ancient cities and the history of one of the first civilizations on Earth.

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